Karin Roelofs

Work package: Psychology
Website: epanlab.nl
Organization: Donders Institute (RU)
Phone: +31243610651

Karin Roelofs is Professor of Experimental Psychopathology at the Radboud University Nijmegen (RU: Donders Insitute and Behavioural Science Institute). Her group investigates human decision making under threat, with a special interest in the neural control of defensive stress-reactions in healthy participants and patients with stress-related disorders. She applies neural stimulation to improve emotion control (Bramson ea,2020-eLife), and will use Transcranial Ultrasound Stimulation (TUS) for the current Crossover-grant. Karin Roelofs is elected member of the KNAW and Academia Europaea (AE). Her research is funded by several European (ERC-consolidator and Horizon2020 consortia) and Dutch (NWO: VICI and Creative Industry) grants.