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Creating innovative neurotechnology for society

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The rapid emerging scientific field of neurotechnology may radically change medical practice. This field connects important advances in our understanding of brain function to a recent surge in the technological possibilities to write to and read from the brain. INTENSE brings together academic researchers, medical doctors and companies and patient organizations with the aim to expand the possibilities of linking digital technology to the nervous system to profoundly improve the lives of patients with blindness, deafness, paralysis and epilepsy. 

This acceleration is not just an opportunity – it is a necessity. The aging of the population and the increase of our life expectancy poses a major societal challenge because it causes more people to contract disorders of the nervous system that require a high level of care. These demographic developments put intense pressure on our healthcare system, because many of these disorders limit the patients’ freedom and impair their participation in society, and they thereby create a large burden on patients, caregivers and our society. Neurotechnology can ameliorate or even eliminate some of the impairments that come with neurological disorders, by helping the patients to regain lost functions and participate in society, while reducing the cost of healthcare. INTENSE will generate disruptive neurotechnology, allowing us to read from and write to the human brain at an unprecedented level. We aim to create new high-bandwidth, wireless interfaces to the human nervous system to partially restore functionality. Furthermore, we brought together the expertise to make these new technologies ready to be tested in patients and for commercial application. The project connects a visionary team of world-renowned experts in neuroscience, technology, medicine, psychology and ethics to major neurotechnology companies and patient organizations. The INTENSE project consists of 8 scientific work packages complemented with a workpackage for valorization. More information about the work packages can be found here.


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INTENSE is one of the projects that has been awarded a grant of € 14.3 million from the NWO Crossover program. The Crossover program is part of the NWO contribution to the Knowledge and Innovation Contract 2018-2019. With this contract, government, industry and knowledge institutions endorse the substantive ambitions for the top sectors, with the aim of strengthening the Dutch knowledge and innovation system. Compared to the "regular" public-private partnerships, the projects in the Crossover program cover a broader range of top sectors and other research agendas.


INTENSE is made up of members of the NeuroTech-NL organization, which is part of the Topsector Life-Science and Health roadmap. NeuroTech-NL started its activities late 2016 when world-renowned neuroscientists, clinicians, technical scientists and companies realized that a tight collaboration was necessary to advance innovative solutions for unmet needs in brain health, while stimulating economic activity in an ecosystem where the Netherlands was already competitive. INTENSE is a flagship program for NeuroTech-NL and provides a significant impulse to strengthen the cooperation between these experts and achieve these ambitious and comprehensive set of goals. More information about NeuroTech-NL can be found at neurotech-nl.com.