Julia Berezutskaya

Work package: Artificial intelligence
Website: juliaberezutskaya.com
Organization: Donders Institute (RU)

Julia Berezutskaya focuses on computational modeling of speech processes in the human brain. In 2020 she completed her PhD on “Data-driven modelling of speech processes in intracranial data” at the University Medical Center in Utrecht. Now as a Coordinating Postdoc within the Language in Interaction consortium (https://www.languageininteraction.nl/​), she tries to bring together people working on natural language processing, machine learning, computational neuroscience and clinical neuroscience so that together they can build powerful models of speech production and perception in the brain. Not only are such models important for our fundamental understanding of how the brain works, they are essential for development of assistive neurotechnology and brain-computer interfaces that can restore cognitive function in patients, such as communication via decoding of attempted speech in paralyzed individuals.