Voorkennis: 'Designer Brain'

In an episode of Voorkennis, a Dutch television program from Universiteit van Nederland, Karin Jongsma speaks about the ethical implications of brain implants.


The item is called the 'Designer Brain' and highlights the development of brain implants from the perspective of a neurosurgeon, medical ethicist, and lawyer. 

Video description:

More and more people are getting a chip in their brains. Now only for medical reasons. But such a chip in your brain can also be attractive to healthy people. If tuned properly, it could make you happier or more productive. But should we really want that? It's good to think about that now. In this episode of Inside Information: Three scientists on the designer brain.


Yasin Temel, Neurosurgeon, Maastricht UMC
Karin Jongsma, Medical ethicist, UMC Utrecht
Sjors Ligthart, Lawyer, Tilburg University & Utrecht University

Link to the video